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Detroit Phoenix Elite 360


The 21st centry brought significant changes to industrialization and urbanization. These changes have affected the positive productivity of our youth. In today's volatile and changing times the attitudes of the pervading culture and specfically our youth, have placed it's priorities on materialism, physical appearances, wealth at any cost, instant gradification, and the loss in value of life. That is why Detroit Phoenix Elite Youth Sports (DPE) was created. We provide direction, hope, and opportunities for our youth to learn and experience something different while offering an outlet for them to enjoy being young and having fun. Sheila D. Holmes founder and president of Detroit Phoenix Elite has over 30 years of working with the community and other non-profit organizations focused on making a positive impact on peoples lives. In June of 2015 Sheila founded DPE and in October of 2015 DPE was granted its 501 c3 status as a non-profit organzation. DPE has already found community partners to help with its goal and vision of making a difference in young peoples lives.


The mission of the Detroit Phoenix Elite Youth Sports is centered around athletics to provide outreach to our inner city youth by promoting a safe haven filled with hope and opportunity.  To help young people, especially those who need us most, build strong character and realize their full potential as responsible citizens and leaders.


We, the people of Detroit Phoenix Elite Youth Sports are a multicultural, inner city youth organization devoted to the promotion and the betterment of our youth.  Our vision is to aid and assist our young individuals by providing them with proper direction and guidance during their most critical developmental years.  Our goal is to help our youth grow and enhance their strengths while developing positive work ethics through athletics and workshops.

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